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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Best supplements to help ED. Old Age Will Be A Thing Of The Past

Best supplements to help ED

Best supplements to help ED

The food processing corporations have poisoned us with chemicals and food additives - it does not matter that they did it only to make more money. The reality is simply that we men have on average 60% less testosterone in our blood than the average men of 80 years ago. The governments have allowed the corporations to do this to us, and it does not matter why government policy continues to fail the people in favor of doing nothing useful to protect our food safety needs. The reality is all too obvious when the people of third-world countries live longer than the people of the United States of America.

Remaining ignorant about the foods and the effects on our health are becoming more difficult with films like Food Inc and the growing trend towards organically grown foods. The large corporations involved in our food production will fight hard against the trends to good health, because there is nothing they can do to produce organic foods. Only mass-produced foods from central locations can be put under corporate control. Organic foods most often are about buying truly seasonal produce locally, because they don't have the chemicals in them to keep them in tact for long distance travel.

We are on the verge of a new genetic technology that will begin ending the process of aging. Read that again - we will soon have the choice to not die of old age, because genetic solutions are nearly to hand that will reverse the age-related illnesses and diseases that up until now we have had to accept. The real issue is that we must stay alive long enough to get the benefits from the new technologies on our horizon. The current wisdom is that those people below the age of 50 now will live long enough to have life-extending technologies available.

Boost your testosterone with dietary supplements and do as much exercise as you can while walking to the supermarket to buy only organic foods. Boost your testosterone, and maintain your testosterone levels with good foods and exercise to stay alive for the last 20 years we must endure old age.

Best supplements to help ED

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